Harvest Season SALE (November 2023)

Mushrooms and Microdose Capsules at BOGO50 for November

MUSHROOMSHAMAN brand and Hugh T Alkemi (ALKEMI products) is having a SALE-labration!

MOST ITEMS ARE BOGO50 until November 30th 2023 at 11:59pm PT

Remind Hugh when he processes your order that you either want 15 bonus extra capsules with your 30 pack or to get another encapsulated product of near equal value at 50% off; unlimitedly add this discount to as many items are you wish after the first time at the regular “donation.”

Fruits are back in stock at a new donation, lower than ever before!

BOGO50 Applies to all chocolate and gummy products —YUM!

Happy Harvest SEASON from MUSHROOM SHAMAN.com