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Mental Well-Being

Studies show promise when it comes to psilocybin and other psychedelic natural substances in treatments or as ritualistic remedies for depression, PTSD, and anxiety. Access to these medicines in the correct environment with support from a guide has saved lives, relationships and families from the epidemic of mental illness in the Western world. We say: Being "normal" in a sick society is no positive measure of mental health!

Spiritual Experiences

With thousands of years of history of use, various cultural and ethnic references, and connections to nearly every world religion in human history (and tons of animals that enjoy them), magic mushrooms aka Shrooms give us the opportunity to have a direct experience and communion with Creator/Grand Spirit, and find purpose or dharma in this life.

Enhanced Creativity

Magic mushrooms activate the frontal cortex of the brain which is associated with compassion, creativity and kindness. It's likely that microdosing and psychedelic doses (flood or trip sized doses) of sacred mushrooms makes for better humans and a better society.

Overcoming Addiction & Alcoholism

Psilocybin Microdosing has been showing promise in treating addictive behaviors and interrupting biological cravings towards substances that have been known to damage the body and lead to disease.

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