About Hugh T. Alkemi✦

Hugh teaches shamanism and helps people with path working, healing and divination services. He’s an educator of natural medicine, herbology, ethnobotany, mycology and metaphysics.

Captain, Reverend, Doctor Hugh T Alkemi

Hugh T Alkemi aka Trevahr Hughes, D. Div is the host of the EntheoRadio podcast on Psychedelic Science, Shamanism, and Altered States since 2010. He has been a shamanic minister in the Sacred Plant and Fungi space for over 13 years. His special areas of focus and experience include herbalism, alchemy (western and eastern), metaphysics, religion, tantra, and shamanism through human history worldwide. He is a father, ceremonialist, musician, oracle, astrologer, and shamanic teacher. His goals include community leadership and trauma resolution through shamanic ritual and sacraments such as Magic Mushrooms, Cactus and Salvia. Hugh has a practice in Arizona.