SHI – Super High Immunity -100mg – Microdosing Pack of 30

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This is a monthly supply of organic Mushroom powders and herbs designed for microdosing and support of the immune system during these times of viral outbreak and COVID-19 (Coronavirus). It’s designed as a preventative holistic health supplement and includes shamanic mushrooms. It’s important to circle on and off this supplement, using it a few days in a row until effects shift, take two days off and begin again.

Great to take following the “shot” if you got it or plan to.

Super High Immunity (SHI):

      • Reishi (organic extracted powder)
      • Turkey Tails (organic extracted powder)
      • Astragalus (organic powder)
      • Ashwagandha (organic powder)
      • Ginger (organic powder)
      • Shaman Select Mushroom Powder (cultivators’ choice, organic, 100mg)

    In vegan capsules. Suggested serving size is 1 or 2 capsules per day or as needed. Can be taken at night or daytime.

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