1oz Ormus Gold – Saffron Product


Each batch is handmade and created in a ceremonial setting and its astrological Sun and Moon positions are recorded by Hugh T Alkemi. If you order this particular item, you will receive 1 ounce of mixed Ormus and Saffron (extracted in Vodka) in a dropper bottle. Ormus is made from an extraction of dead sea salts using artisan water from either Sedona AZ, Aguanga CA, or Jemez Springs NM. This original Alkemi elixir helps to balance the masculine and feminine, solar and lunar, qualities of the substance and the body. It can be described as having a relationship with a person who has their Sun (birthday sign) in Aries and their Moon in Cancer. Saffron is the world’s best natural mood enhancer, supports good sleep, and is very supportive for anxious persons/situations. Saffron is also a reputed aphrodisiac and known to be worth more than its weight in gold (metal), at times throughout history.

Please enjoy this product orally (about 1 squeeze at time, multiple times a day), in water or food (post cooking), or in your garden for plants or mushrooms that would like both alkaline liquid or magnesium minerals as fertilizer.

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So ALKEMI, is ormus or at least your product psychoactive?
Not in the way you think or a way that you may have experienced with the sacred foods or plant medicines. Ormus is non-locally psychoactive, it affects the field of consciousness (non-local) around humans (local consciousness) and all life in this dimension. It helps you super-conduct without the effect of causing much of a perception change. The best way to put it, is that it causes synchronization with creation resulting in luck, and other synchronicities (like Kismet or Serendipity).
How does it make a person feel?
Good, relaxed but energized and possibly mood-balanced. It’s magnesium mostly and contains minerals so it’s likely reasonable to describe it as adaptogenic and helpful with stress and aligning with your life’s purpose.